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Dreamy Reflections, Friday 13th of july, in store and digital

Here we are!
The big day as come.
We are happy to make you listen the 14 songs that are parts of the tracklist of our debut Album “Dreamy Reflections”

We give you some drops of the CD in may, when the officialvideo of the first single, Flyin’ Soul (directed by Maurizio Del Vecchio for Movidel productions) , was released by Logic IL logic music, the caracter was played by Andrea Varletti, Laura Gamberi e Gaia Di Caro. Some week later you can see on YouTube the Lyrics video from the second extract from Dreamy Reflections, RaPriest (Stolen innocence).

Today, Friday 13th of July 2018, you can got your copy of Dreamy Reflections, or listen all the songs on Spotify.

This posts is a good tiime to say thank you to Logic IL logic, the publisher of our CD. They don’t be only our discographic ink. They are building this record with us, and more they make us an amazing gift, with the reliese of a Dreamy Reflections in standard version, that you can finding in music store, digital Store and webstore, abd in a LIMITED PERSONALIZED EDITION that you can buy only on Rock Temple Store this version are printed only in 50 copies certificated. We can consider that, a mirabilia version.

A special thanks to all persons that spent their time to work with us to create the magic that we breathe for recording this Album. Who, make some chorus, Who played some chords, everybody are parts of Dreamy Reflections.
Nicco, Viola, Giulia Tosi, Valentina Ceccolini, Gaia Di Caro, Laura Gamberi, Niccolò Cavicchi, Zola, Oscar Burato e Stefano Gottardi.
But maybe you are understanding that Orphan skin Diseases, are 4+1. Because Dimitri Bongianni is an OSD as like as we are. He gave a fundamental contribution to building Dreamy Reflection.

What can we tell you now?

Good listening

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