Dreamy Reflections, release 13th July 2018

How Dreamy Reflections was born

Dreamy Reflections is Orphan skin diseases's debut work.
Dreamy Reflections is a journey through life, death, joys and sorrows that constitute the existence of our lives.
It is a vision of being 21st century men, exposing the dark and hidden sides of the feelings that are born day by day.
A vision of how we find ourselves to be time passengers on a planet that has seen mankind develop and consume vital resources with the aim of enriching itself as if there will not be a tomorrow.
We have composed this album with 14 original songs.
All the instrumental parts were recorded in the Paraphernalia studios in Prato (Italy) while the Vocal parts, the mixing and mastering of the CD were done at the Atomic Stuff Studios (Brescia - Italy).
The record's tracklist is as follows:

  1. Into a Sick Mind (intro)
  2. Flyin’ Soul
  3. The Storm
  4. Rapriest (Stolen Innocence)
  5. Do You Like This?
  6. As a Butterfly Grub
  7. Awake
  8. Leave a Light On
  9. Sorrow and Chains
  10. The Wall of Stone
  11. Waves
  12. Just one more day - She Was - intro
  13. Just one more day - Fatherend
  14. Just one more day - She Was - outro

All the songs are composed, arranged and performed by the OSD

OSD production 2018©

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